Rudy L. Kusuma & Associates Has Been Nominated and Accepted as a 2015 AIOREP’S

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The American Institute of Real Estate Professionals has recognized the exceptional performance of California’s Real Estate Professional Rudy L. Kusuma & Associates as 2015 10 Best Real Estate Professionals for Client Satisfaction.

The American Institute of Real Estate Professionals is a third-party rating organization that publishes an annual list of the Top 10 Real Estate Professionals in each state. Professionals who are selected to the "10 Best" list must pass AIOREP's rigorous selection process, which is based on client and/or peer nominations, thorough research, and AIOREP’s independent evaluation. AIOREP's annual list was created to be used as a resource for clients during the selection process.

One of the most significant aspects of the selection process involves professionals' relationships and reputation among his or her clients. As clients should be a professional's top priority, AIOREP places the utmost emphasis on selecting professionals who have achieved significant success in the field of Real Estate without sacrificing the service and support they provide. Selection criteria therefore focus on professionals who demonstrate the highest standards of Client Satisfaction.

We congratulate Rudy L. Kusuma & Associates on this achievement and we are honored to have him as a 2015 AIOREP Member.

You can contact Rudy L. Kusuma & Associates directly at 626-780-2221 or


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Local Real Estate Brokerage Holds a Book Drive to Benefit Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

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Rudy L. Kusuma and his team at RE/MAX Titanium holds a book drive to benefit “Literally Healing” project at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Literally Healing at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles is an innovative reading program dedicated to advocating literacy and its importance to children’s success. This program gives children more than 30,000 books annually. In addition to promoting literacy, we believe in supporting and strengthening patient families. There are two arms of the Literally Healing program: the Therapeutic Library and the Gifting Library.

Therapeutic Library
How do you tell a 5-year-old that their little brother will never be coming home from the hospital; an 8-year-old that their pride and joy, waist length hair will fall out from the chemotherapy they desperately need; or, a 13- year-old that they will never walk again? "Literally Healing" at Children's Hospital Los Angeles tackles these sensitive issues in a very non-threatening manner to ease the medical and emotional anguish that kids at the hospital experience.
The program draws from a Patient Therapeutic Library of more than 1,000 titles. Therese therapeutic books for children speak directly to patients, helping them better understand and master the sensitive issues they face daily, including:
* Coping with their medical condition and the trauma of hospitalization
* Being singled out, ridiculed or excluded because of their medical condition
* Fear of deformity, disability or death
Gifting Library
The Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Gifting Library offers patients staying in the hospital and their visiting siblings the opportunity to choose and keep one free, brand new book daily.
For some children who have never owned a brand new book, this experience can be life changing and open doors for a future that may have otherwise been out of reach. We help strengthen kids’ reading skills and provide supplemental literacy-based activities during a time when education can be irregular. Please join us in making this change and help bring books to the kids at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.
How to Help
Support our book drive by donating new books to the kids at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. All donations must be brand new – we cannot accept even gently used donations. This is imperative because of infection control precautions. Patient safety is always our first concern. There is currently no way to adequately clean and disinfect the paper pages of books. Viruses and bacteria passed on by hands can survive for long periods of time on inanimate objects such as used books. There items can serve as a passageway for germs, endangering vulnerable kids.
You can drop off the books every Monday to Friday at 8AM – 5PM. 
Drop off location: RE/MAX Titanium, 8932 Mission Drive, Rosemead, CA 91770
Telephone: 626-789-0159

For every house we sell this year, we are donating a portion of our income to the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. We are on a mission to raise an additional $25,000 for the “Literally Healing” project.  
Who do you know considering buying or selling a home you could refer to my real estate sales team?
Not only will they benefit from our award winning service, but we donate a substantial portion of our income on every home sale to help families in need.
It's easy to refer your friends, neighbors, associates or family members considering making a move. Simply go to
or you can call me direct at 626-789-0159


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What Works And What Doesn’t When Selling Your Home!

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Your Referrals Help Families Around The World

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For every house we sell this year, we are donating a portion of our income to World Harvest. We are on a mission to raise an additional $10,000 to offer more free medical and dental camps. 

Who do you know considering buying or selling a home you could refer to my real estate sales team?

Not only will they benefit from our award winning service, but we donate a substantial portion of our income on every home sale to help families in need.

It's easy to refer your friends, neighbors, associates or family members considering making a move. Simply go to
or you can call me direct at 626-789-0159



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#1 in SGV: Our team has been ranked #1 in SGV by REMAX LLC.

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TEAM NUVISION Among Nation’s

Top Real Estate Team


San Gabriel Valley, CA July 22, 2015–  TEAM NUVISION is among the most productive and names as  “Top 100 U.S. Real Estate Team” according to RE/MAX LLC data for production January – May 2015.  


Of the 100 top real estate sales team across the United States, TEAM NUVISION is ranked as #1 in San Gabriel Valley; #3 in the entire state of California; #21 in the U.S. among over 100,000 real estate agents in RE/MAX network.


“A customer first philosophy has always been a number one priority for TEAM NUVISION,” said Rudy L. Kusuma, Team Leader and in-house business coach of RE/MAX Titanium. “And when your buyers and sellers are provided a good experience, they happily refer our services to their friends and family. In the world of real estate, a referral is the greatest compliment.”



RE/MAX is the most productive real estate network with its Associates averaging more sales than other real estate agents. is one of the most visited real estate franchise websites (Source: Experian Marketing Services Hitwise data, full-year 2013. 'Real Estate Franchise websites' identified by RE/MAX.). RE/MAX is in over 95 countries, more than any of its competitors.


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Performance 360! New Book Coming Soon!

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I just heard from my business agent that I've been chosen to be featured in a book with Richard Branson! So honored smile emoticon Have you ever heard his amazing story? Branson has dyslexia and had poor academic performance as a student, and on his last day at school, his school principal told him he would either end up in prison or become a millionaire. At the age of sixteen his first business venture was a magazine called 'Student'. At 19, he set up a mail-order record business. Then, he opened a chain of record stores, Virgin Records. Richard Branson is best known as the founder of Virgin Group, which comprises more than 400 companies.


Best Real Estate Agents 2015

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Local RE/MAX Agent(s) Recognized as Among Top 1% in National Report

Rudy L. Kusuma & Associates, TEAM NUVISION,
 Ranked for 2014 Home Sales


San Gabriel Valley, CA July 9, 2015 – Rudy L. Kusuma and associates, TEAM NUVISION, with RE/MAX Titanium is among 2,090 RE/MAX agents and teams featured in the 2015 REAL Trends “America’s Best Real Estate Agents” report. The agents included in the survey represent less than 1 percent of all real estate practitioners in the United States. TEAM NUVISION has more than 68 combined years of experience in the San Gabriel Valley real estate market.


Of the nearly 10,000 participating agents who qualified, 1 in 5 is affiliated with RE/MAX. The survey is open to individual agents closing a minimum of 50 transaction sides or $20 million in sales volume and team leaders with 75 sides or $30 million in volume.  


Earlier this year, two other annual industry surveys found that RE/MAX agents outperform their competition. In the REAL Trends 500 and the Power Broker Report, RE/MAX agents averaged more than twice the number of transaction sides as other agents participating in the two surveys.


For more information about TEAM NUVISION and to discuss the sale of your house, please call (626) 789-0159 or visit



To Discuss the Sale of Your House, Call Rudy 626-789-0159 and Start Packing!



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Homeowners Re-enter the Market as Home Prices Continue to RISE.

By Rudy Lira Kusuma, REALTOR®

The housing market has been on a roller coast over the last decade. First came the housing bubble, and then the inevitable crash. More recently, the housing market has recovered with remarkable pace. Foreclosures are down, home prices are up, and generally speaking, homeowners are in a much better position than they were even just a few short years ago.

With the market improving, homeowners have more options than at any other point in the last decade. In general, homeowners found themselves in one of two groups following the housing market crisis. The first group were underwater on their mortgage, owing more on their mortgage than the property was worth. Some of these homeowners were on the brink of foreclosure. The other group, because of how much property values declined, decided to wait to sell their home because all the equity they’d built was suddenly gone.

For homeowners in these situations, today’s market presents incredible opportunities. Underwater homeowners are returning to positive equity in the millions, and many homeowners are finding they can even make money on their homes! Let’s take a look at the reasons why.

There are fewer distressed properties

One of the big reasons why prices dropped so dramatically in the first place is because millions of homeowners hit hard by the recession and falling prices could no longer afford their mortgages. These homeowners, called “distressed” homeowners, numbered in the millions.

Some of these homeowners lost their home to foreclosure, while others were forced to sell their homes for much less than they owed through a short sale. The sheer volume of foreclosure auctions and short sales kept prices low, as both are typically sold at prices well below average.

However, the number of distressed homeowners has fallen significantly. Investors helped purchase up large quantities of distressed properties. According to the National Association of REALTORS, distressed sales reached their lowest point since 2008, when the foreclosure crisis started. What’s more, the CoreLogic National Foreclosure Report, foreclosure inventory at the end of last year was 34.3% less than the previous year.

With the number of distressed homeowners dwindling, home prices have been able to rise quickly, putting all homeowners, including those who struggled through the housing market crisis.


Home Prices Have Increased

As already mentioned, between 2007 and 2008 home values crashed. Homeowners nationwide lost equity in their homes, and millions of others found themselves underwater, owing more on their mortgages than their homes were worth.

However, as the number of distressed properties fell and the US economy improved, the market began to recover, and from 2012 onwards home prices skyrocketed. In 2013, prices rose by double-digit percentages month after month and continue to rise today. From the rock-bottom home price in 2012 to the end of 2014, home prices rose by 35%.

These significant increases in home prices helped restore equity to homeowners. At the beginning of this year, the rising home prices have helped nearly 6 million regain equity! Many homeowners don’t realize just how much things have improved. If you were underwater on your mortgage, it’s entirely possible you aren’t any longer!


It’s A Seller’s Market

With so many millions of homeowners regaining equity in their homes, many are now finding themselves in a position to consider selling for the first time in years. However, many are understandably tentative about getting back into the market after the roller coaster the housing market has been on. So, is now a good time to sell? Yes! And for two reasons: demand is up and supply isn’t keeping pace.

At the start of this year, buyer activity was three times higher than at the start of last year. A stronger job market, easier lending practices, and low mortgage rates are attracting lots of buyers to the market, and the Pending Home Sales Index, which tracks future activity in the market, continues to climb higher and higher.

However, while demand is increasing, supply isn’t quite keeping pace. Generally speaking, a 6 to 7 month supply of inventory represents an even balance between supply and demand. At the start of this year, inventory fell to 4.7 months supply. The tight inventory gives sellers more bargaining power in the market, helping sellers sell their home faster and for more money!


Should I wait? What’s expected in housing going forward?

According to predictions from Freddie Mac, home prices are expected grow about 3 to 4% next year. Mortgage rates are expected to increase as well as the economy and housing marketing continues to improve. With both mortgages rates and interest rates increasing faster than wage growth, affordability (or how much house you can afford for the money) will fall as the year goes on.

What’s more, competition is also increasing. New home construction is picking up and more homeowners are starting to list their homes for sale.

So if you’re thinking of selling your home, don’t wait! Take advantage of the current market conditions where you have more power in the market and buying power for your next home!


Thinking of selling your home?

As you can tell, the housing market is in a much different place today than it was during the housing market crisis. No matter what your situation has been in recent years, chances are your position has changed!

Home prices are up and homeowners have regained equity, opening the door for many sidelined homeowners to return to the market and sell their home!


Do you know what your home is worth?


Find out what homes down the street sold for! Free computerized list with maps and pictures of area home sales and current listings. Please access the most recent sales in the area online at
You can also request this report by calling our 24-hour information hotline; call 1-888-300-4632, and enter ID# 1041


An excerpt from my forthcoming book "The Soul of Success"

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rudy lira kusuma, jack canfield, soul of success


In the forthcoming book that I co-author with Jack Canfield, "The Soul of Success", I shared how a Real Estate Sales Team Benefits Consumers. When the consumers buy or sell homes with my team, they automatically benefit from the most unique and powerful homeselling system that not only has been engineered... but more importantly, PROVEN... to give them better service and results. It is important for consumers to understand how different my system is from the way most real estate agents operate because this difference is responsible for the tremendous success my clients have when using my system to buy or sell a home.

I explained that when they sell their home with my team, it is far more likely to sell, and far more likely to sell for more money... the two benefits that typically matter most to most homeowners. I showed buyers how they can easily find the home of their dreams with the least amount of effort and the meast amount of money. This results can be traced directly to my team system, and here's how I explained it to them.

I have modeled my business after other successful business outside of real estate such as lawyers, accountants, doctors, etc. Instead of operating as a one-man show as most real estate agents do, I have hired a whole team of professionals who specifically trained to zero in on different aspects of the homeselling process.

Let's use a doctor as an example. If you're booked for surgery, your doctor DOESN'T call you up to make the booking, his or her receptionist does this. Your doctor DOESN'T greet you at the admissions department, or help you fill out the admission forms, or prep you for the surgery, or wheel you into the surgery. He or she DOESN'T administer the anesthetic, or wash the surginal instruments, or dig through the instruments to select the one he or she wants. What your doctor DOES do is perform the actual surgery, and he or she does so with (hopefully) skill and undivided attention.

So, how does the notion of specialization translate itself to real estate? Well, I had a customer service manager who was solely dedicated to following up with agents who had shown my clients’ homes in order to gather feedback about what potential buyers were saying about their home. This is very important information for both the listing agent, and the homeseller to know, and a detailed verbal report was given to each of my homesellers every week.

I also have a marketing department which specializes in putting together the most extensive and aggressive marketing plan for my clients’ homes.

My team of buyers’ agents are all responsible for finding buyers for our VIP home sellers clients' home. My clients find it easy to understand how this manpower significantly outweighs what they could find with a single agent.


rudy kusuma ultimate home selling system


I also found that some brokerages in my marketplace played a smoke and mirrors game with the word “team”. Specifically, they advertised pictures of all agents in the brokerage and pitched this as their “team”. Clearly, they were using the word “team” where it didn’t really exist. In reality, they had lots of agents who all worked independently of each other…NOT as a true team. They didn’t work together with a group focus on each individual client’s home the way my team system did.

When a prospect challenged my point that my team system is unique and would throw up one of these brokerage “team” ads, I helped them understand the difference by drawing an analogy to a sports team. Take baseball, for example. When a baseball team is in the outfield, each team member covers a specific responsibility. One team member pitches, another covers first base, still others take responsibility for the infield and the outfield, etc. By narrowing the focus of each individual team member, and allowing them to specialize in a specific position, when put together as a group, the team has all bases covered (no pun intended.)

If this division of responsibilities didn’t occur, the team would be far less effective. If, for example, all players covered first base, there would be many areas of the field exposed, making it very easy for the opposing team to run home again and again. This, I explain, is what it’s like in these other so called, “teams”…only worse. In the case of these other companies, all players are trying to play all positions at the same time. Every single agent is trying to be all things to each of their clients. There is no cooperative effort between them. You could hardly call this a team. It’s more like a herd…a herd of sheep, all blindly following the rules that someone made up when real estate began 120 years ago.

With my true team approach, our organized efforts meant that there would NEVER be any gaps on the “playing field”. As a result, my clients never had to worry about whether I took a weekend off (the way they would if they listed with a single agent). Our team coverage was so well organized and effective that my team provided 24-hour, 7-day a week marketing and back-up for their home. There was always someone knowledgeable, competent and experienced handling all inquiries on their home because all the knowledge didn’t reside with just one team member. Instead, a team of 5 or 6 was assigned to each new listing (each responsible for a different part of the puzzle), and with this manpower, we marketed their home in innovative ways that most agents couldn’t.

Because each of my Team members was responsible for a list of very specific tasks that occurred during each client’s transaction, there was never a question of something getting forgotten in the buying or selling process. Everyone was well aware of what jobs they were responsible for, what order they were to be done in and what the desired outcome was for each client

Elegant Home for Sale in 12332 Poinsettia Ave., El Monte, CA 91732

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A gorgeous PUD Townhome for sale in El Monte CA! This brilliant home for sale in El Monte is located in a quiet neighborhood! It also features 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. This dazzling home for sale in El Monte is very clean and inviting! Live in comfort in its vast living space of 2,046 sq. ft. This exquisite home for sale in El Monte features large bedrooms, a beautiful master bedroom, cozy dining area and a comfy living area! This luxurious home for sale in El Monte is perfect for First Time Home Buyers!



---Beat out other buyers to Hot New Listings! Receive priority access to all new listings that match your criteria. Our list includes properties listed by all real estate companies, distress sales, bank foreclosures, multi-family, brand new homes, and unlisted properties -

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El Monte Homes

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