With Rates & Prices on the Rise, Do You Know the True Cost of Waiting?

by qinfokusuma 22. April 2014 08:03

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Let’s say you're 30 and your dream house costs $250,000 today, at 4.41% your monthly Mortgage Payment with Interest would be $1,253.38.

But you’re busy, you like your apartment, moving is such a hassle...You decide to wait till the end of next year to buy and all of a sudden, you’re 31, that same house is $270,000, at 5.7%. Your new payment per month is $1,567.08.

The difference in payment is $313.70 PER MONTH!

That’s like taking a $10 bill and tossing it out the window EVERY DAY!

Or you could look at it this way:

* That’s your morning coffee everyday on the way to work (Average $2) with $12 left for lunch!
* There goes Friday Sushi Night! ($80 x 4)
* Stressed Out? How about 3 deep tissue massages with tip!
* Need a new car?You could get a brand new $22,000 car for $313.00 per month.

Let’s look at that number annually! Over the course of your new mortgage at 5.7%, your annual additional cost would be $3,764.40!

Had your eye on a vacation in the Caribbean? How about a 2-week trip through Europe? Or maybe your new house could really use a deck for entertaining. We could come up with 100’s of ways to spend $3,764, and we’re sure you could too!

Over the course of your 30 year loan, now at age 61, hopefully you are ready to retire soon, you would have spent an additional $112,932, all because when you were 30 you thought moving in 2014 was such a hassle or loved your apartment too much to leave yet.

Or maybe there wasn’t an agent out there who educated you on the true cost of waiting a year. Maybe they thought you wouldn’t be ready, but if they showed you that you could save $112,932, you’d at least listen to what they had to say.

They say hindsight is 20/20, we’d like to think that 30 years from now when you are 60, looking back, you would say to buy now…                                                                 


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10 Ways to Save Money When Buying a New Home

by qinfokusuma 7. April 2014 07:17

Although most homes for sale are resales, one out of four homebuyers purchases a new home. Which is better: existing or new? THe right answer, of course, is up to you. Both resales and new homes offer advantages. Existing homes are less expensive on average, and are generally closer to, and enjoy the warmth and surroundings of established neighborhoods, often with mature landscaping.

New homes, on the other hand, offer innovative use of space, greater energy efficiency and choices of options and upgrades. Everything is new and modern.

Most people consider both new and existing homes before they decide to purchase. A new, special insider report entitled "New Homes - 10 Tips to Save You Time and Money" has just been released which identifies 10 invaluable tips to save you time and money when purchasing a brand new home. Also revealed are little-known buyer advantages that most builders may not tell you.

To learn more about what you should be aware of before you visit your first model home act now for a free report today. 

To order a Free Special Report, visit www.NewHomeBuyerSecrets.com or to hear a brief recorded message about how to order your Free copy of this report call toll-free 1-888-300-4632 and enter 1010. You can call anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



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California Water Crisis

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California Senate Bill 407: By January 1, 2017, all residential properties in California that were built prior to 1994 will be required to retrofit with toilet that use no more than 1.6 gallons per flush, shower heads with flow rates of no more than 2.5 gallons per minute, and other interior fixtures that use less than 2.2 gallons of water per minute.

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Our HOME SOLD in 10 Days for $46,000 more!

by qinfokusuma 29. March 2014 09:33

Rudy and his Team Lived Up to Their Promises and Reputation!

TEAM NUVISION sold my house for $46,000 more money

"Thanks for your help in selling our home. When we were deciding on a listing agent for our home, we selected you and your team because we believed it would be to our benefit in helping us sell our home as quickly as possible and for the most amount of money possible. As it turns out, you and your team were very professional and efficient, and lived up to your promises and reputations.

"I know anyone considering using your services will not be disappointed."

After you help us make our house "market-ready" we received close to 15 offers on our first open house. We finally SOLD the house for $755,000 ($46,000 over our asking price)

Your whole TEAM was wonderful. The TEAM NUVISION Homeselling Team is Excellent in our minds!"

-John Wen
Former owner, 11551 Christy St, Cerritos, CA.

Rudy sold my house for more money



Dream with Your Eyes Open

by qinfokusuma 26. March 2014 19:34

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$25,000 Home Selling Bonus - How an experienced real estate agent can get you more for the home you need to sell.

by qinfokusuma 21. March 2014 16:38

Are you looking to sell your home? If so, your choice of real estate agent could mean the difference of $25,000!

According to a report published in the Journal of Housing Research, homes listed by experienced real estate agents sell for $25,000 dollars more, on average, than those listed by less experienced agents.

For real estate agents, experience brings numerous advantages. For example, experienced agents tend to have better market knowledge, stronger negotiating skills, and a wider professional network—all of which help to provide you with the smoothest home selling experience possible.

According to Bennie Waller, a professor of finance in real estate at Longwood University in Farmville, VA, and the author of the report, "The more experience you have, the more likely you are to sell the properties that you list, the more likely you are to sell it at a higher price and the less time it stays on the market.”

This is especially true for homeowners trying to sell a home because they are struggling with mortgage payments or facing foreclosure. While there are many options available for homeowners in this situation, it takes a trained and experienced agent to help these homeowners understand their circumstances, review their options, and navigate the best possible solution. Whatever your reason for selling your home, choosing the right agent is crucial. Let’s take a closer look at 3 major benefits of working with an experienced agent.

An Experienced Agent Is More Likely to Sell Your Home

In general, agents with more experience are more likely to sell your home. In fact, the same report finds that veteran agents, or agents with more than 10 years of experience, are 1.6 times as likely to sell your home compared to rookie agents or agents with less than two years of experience.

Agents with a lot of experience in a specific area or neighborhood are tuned into why and how homes in that area sell. These agents work with you to develop tailored pricing and marketing strategies, helping guarantee that you sell your home.

The same is especially true for distressed or underwater homeowners. An underwater homeowner is someone who owes more on the mortgage than the home is worth. Selling a distressed property can be complicated, and it takes an experienced agent to understand and help you navigate the options available.

http://online.wsj.com/news/articles/SB1000142412788732412300457 9057500395585922

For example, a short sale is often a good option for homeowners underwater on their mortgage. In a short sale, a lender accepts less than the full balance owed on a loan. However, successfully completing a short sale requires the agent to have intimate knowledge of the process and paperwork, a strong supporting team, and good report with lenders, among other qualities. Agents trained and experienced in distressed properties will possess all of these tools and more.

An Experienced Agent Will Sell Your Home for More

The more experience an agent has, the better he or she understands how to list, market, and sell your home. This means selling your home for more—12.6% more or $25,000 dollars on average. Why? Experienced real estate agents understand your neighborhood and market conditions. Today, many markets “seller’s markets,” or markets where there are more people trying to buy homes then there are homes available. This means many homeowners are able to sell their homes for even more than they thought possible. Experienced agents know the current conditions of your market and can help you devise a competitive pricing strategy that will get you top dollar for your home.

Experienced agents also possess strong negotiating skills. When offers start coming in, these agents filter them down to only serious and competitive offers. Then, they will help you to close the deal for the best possible price.

An Experienced Agent Will Sell Your Home More Quickly

Experienced real estate agents also help your achieve your goals much, much faster. In fact, veteran agents sell homes 32% faster than rookie agents. That means less headache and time spent on selling your home, and more time on what comes next.

Apart from pricing and staging your home properly, experienced agents have a wide professional network. By reaching out to their extensive network, these agents are able to find the perfect buyer for your home more quickly.

For struggling homeowners, experienced agents with specific training can help you sell your home up to 50% faster. In addition to a wide network, experienced agents understand the ins-and-outs of selling a distressed property, from identifying the best solution to completing the process in the most efficient way possible.


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Home Buyer Fair

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Rudy L. Kusuma Selected For "Five Star Real Estate Agents"

by qinfokusuma 7. March 2014 15:59

San Gabriel Valley, CA - Announcing a special recognition appearing in the March 2014 issue of Los Angeles Magazine published by Emmis Publishing Corporation. Rudy L. Kusuma was selected for the following honor: "Five Star Real Estate Agents".

Rudy L. Kusuma commented on the recognition: "This is quite an honor for me. The fact that Los Angeles Magazine included me in its selection of "Five Star Real Estate Agents," signals that my constant effort to deliver excellent service has paid off. It is gratifying to be recognized in this way."

Five Star Professional partnered with Los Angeles Magazine to find real estate agents who satisfy five objective eligibility and evaluation criteria that are associated with real estate agents who provide quality services to their clients. Fewer than one percent of the 103,600 real estate agents in the Los Angeles area were selected.

Award candidates were identified through nominations received by consumers. A survey was provided provided to all Los Angeles area residents (more than 110,300 households surveyed) who purchased a home over $150,000 within a 24-month period (August 2011 to August 2013).

Five Star Professional conducts market-specific research to identify service professionals who provide quality services to their clients. Five Star Professional joins forces with city and regional magazines to make the research results available to consumers in more than 45 markets across the United States and Canada. Five Star Professional was founded in 2003 and based in Minneapolis, MN. For more information, go to: www.fivestarprofessional.com





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Return of the Housing Market: Demand and values rise in the market recovery

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MARCH 2014 off market deals! Unlisted Homes Available For Sale

by qinfokusuma 27. February 2014 15:57

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