Household Formations Projected to Surge!

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Tapering Begins!!

by qinfokusuma 19. December 2013 15:49

The Fed today announced they would be pulling back some of their stimulus package which has helped the housing market by keeping long term mortgage rates at historic lows for the last few years. This should come as no surprise to TEAM NUVISION Clients as we have been warning of this likelihood over the last several months.

What it Means to You
In an article in MarketWatch today, Lawrence Yun, the Chief Economist at NAR, explained that sellers looking to move-up (to a better school district or larger home) "need to realize that it could be more challenging a year from now." Yun stated the average 30-year mortgage rate currently hovers at 4.3%, but that could rise to 5% or 5.5% next year.

What it Does NOT Mean to the Housing Market
Some reports will now claim that housing prices will have to drop as interest rates begin to rise. There is no historical evidence of this. Below is the chart showing the last four instances of mortgage rates rising dramatically and what happened to home values at the time.


First time buyer or a move-up buyers should make the move earlier in 2014 instead of later as mortga rates will probably increase as the year goes on.





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Give Back Homes

by qinfokusuma 10. December 2013 12:57


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Change in Home Sales By Price Point

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Average Days on the Market

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Surprising Housing Prices - Sell Your Home for More Than You Think

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by qinfokusuma 7. November 2013 13:11


Best-Selling Author, Financial Guru and Radio Host Dave Ramsey Refers San Gabriel Valley Home Sellers and Buyers to San Gabriel Valley Realtor Rudy L. Kusuma


Press Release - November 7, 2013 – During Dave Ramsey’s popular radio show where he gives callers financial advice, listeners frequently hear Dave talk about going to his website to find his Endorsed Local Providers in their city. The Endorsed Local Provider (ELP) Program recommends the professionals who are at the top of their field and follow Dave’s financial teachings.

Dave Ramsey teaches common sense principles about becoming debt-free, living on a budget, tithing, saving and investing for college and retirement, and much more. He recommends that home buyers put 20% down payment on a 15-year mortgage, and that their mortgage payment should be no more than 25% of their take-home income.
Dave Ramsey’s newest ELP in San Gabriel Valley, CA is Rudy L. Kusuma, who leads TEAM NUVISION at RE/MAX Elite Realty. Rudy L. Kusuma and his team are dedicated to helping their clients achieve their real estate goals following Dave Ramsey’s guidelines.
The Dave Ramsey ELP Program has stringent guidelines for choosing who will be referred through their website, It requires that Real Estate Agents have a proven track record of closing a high number of homes and providing the highest level of customer service.

Rudy L. Kusuma's team, TEAM NUVISION, sold over 87 properties in the last 12 months, which qualified him to be considered for the program. He states, “Being chosen by Dave Ramsey’s ELP Program is a highlight of my 7 years in San Gabriel Valley Real Estate.  It is an honor and a privilege.”
For media inquires contact Rudy L. Kusuma at 1-888-288-0126 or online at

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Local Real Estate Agent Offers To Buy Homes

by qinfokusuma 7. November 2013 09:27

Rudy L. Kusuma
Real Estate Broker
223 N. First Ave
Arcadia, CA 91006





For Immediate Release:




Local Real Estate Agent Offers To Buy Homes For Cash in Southern California Area




(San Gabriel Valley, Los Angeles County, CA.) – November 7, 2013 – Real Estate Broker, Rudy L. Kusuma offers an exclusive consumer program with performance guarantee that benefits the local homeowners in the area.


Each month, thousands of San Gabriel Valley homeowners are faced with the stressful decision regarding the Southern California real estate market of whether to buy a new home or sell their existing home first. The risks local home sellers face is getting stuck waiting for their house to sell due to a slow market or the agents' failure to market the seller's house competitively is high, especially while sellers attempt to purchase a new home in the process. No homeowner wants to be stuck paying two mortgages, but Real Estate Broker, Rudy L. Kusuma is now providing an educational free real estate report to avoid this risk of what agents call the “Real Estate Catch 22." This report provides vital information to his consumer program offer that comes with a risk-free performance guarantee.


The first program offer states that homeowners will receive an upfront cash offer in the form of a written guarantee that Rudy will help sell their current home before they take possession of a new one. Not only does this eliminate the risk of seller being stuck with two homes, but also this provides a built-in layer of security for them. The second offer is that if an outside buyer beats the price offered for the clients’ home, they get to take the higher price. This ensures sellers get the highest offer price on their home.


There is only one condition that states: “Both the Seller(s) and Rudy L. Kusuma of Team Nuvision must mutually agree upon a closing date and the guaranteed sale price at the time of listing.” That’s all, as there is no fine print. Interested prospects can learn more about this consumer program and receive free instant access to a special report detailing this exclusive guarantee on the My Guaranteed Program website.


Rudy has sold hundreds of homes since becoming a broker in 2007 for trusted clients and received countless testimonials for his good works as an agent selling real estate in the Southern California area. To date, he has successfully negotiated more than thirty million dollars for his clients with lenders nationwide.

Todd Walters, Co-founder of Distress Sale University, states exclusively in his testimonial, “Every year I receive mountains of testimonials from homeowners who chose Rudy L. Kusuma and his team to sell their home. The emails and letters are all the same. They had rough experiences with other agents they chose like extended times on the market, low ball offers, broken promises and communication breakdowns. But, when they hired Rudy L. Kusuma and his team, their problems melted away, they received even more than anticipated for their home and benefited from a smooth on time closing. If I were selling my own home today, I would ensure Rudy’s team sign was in my yard.”



Rudy currently resides in Temple City, California. He's a homeowner, investor, and a California state-licensed real estate broker. He is also the Managing Director of TEAM NUVISION, Your Realtors® Of Choice. Rudy specializes in complex transactions representing property owners in disposition of their real estate, and has significant experience in pre-foreclosure sales, short sales, divorce sales, trust, and probate.


For media inquires contact Rudy L. Kusuma at 626-780-2221 or via email at To receive a free report that details this offer visit:







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Another Housing Bubble?

by qinfokusuma 2. November 2013 20:01

Just a few years ago, the Country was devastated by a crashing housing market.  Trillions of dollars in home equity was lost which devastated our economy and the financial well-being of millions of families.  Foreclosures and short sales were rampant.  People walking away, or worse, were being kicked out of their homes almost became the norm.  People who did nothing wrong were suddenly so far upside down on their homes that recovering was simply not possible.

However, over the last 12 months, we have gone from homes languishing on the market for months at rock-bottom prices with no buyers in sight to fierce bidding wars that have driven home 

prices sky high.  Potential buyers have written as many as 20 different offers on homes and been beaten out each time by somebody willing to pay more.  Sellers are asking for the moon…. and getting it. 

The question now becomes, with the median sales prices up on average 30% in just 12 months  - Are we about to do it again?   Haven’t we been through this before? Does this sound eerily familiar to 2006? Could we possibly be so stupid.

To answer that question, we have to look at several factors.  The main factor to consider is why prices ran up so far and so fast back in 2006 then compare that with what is going on today.  It’s a somewhat lengthy and difficult question to answer but much of it can be summarized with the availability of mortgage money back in 2006. 

Have you ever heard of what was called the “NINJA” Loan?  Its hard to believe but it was the name given to a loan which would be made for some body buying a home that had:  No Income, No Job, and No Assets.  Credit scores were not looked at and no down payment was required.  Sound hard to believe that banks would loan somebody like this hundreds of thousands of dollars?  Well, its true and they did!  Sometimes also called a “signature loan” because that’s all the person had to provide in order to get the loan and buy the house.  This loan and loans like it were later designated “sub-prime” loans and they can be directly attributed to the market crashing and the devastation that took place.


So, what did loans like the NINJA loan have to do with prices running sky high back in 2006?  Typically there is a balance between the number of homes for sale and the number of “qualified” buyers.  The balance between the two does ebb and flow but normally they keep each other in check and housing prices remain somewhat stable.  However, when banks started writing NINJA loans and other similar loans, the word “qualified” was removed and literally anybody could buy a home.  Suddenly, there was a dramatic imbalance in the number of buyers to the number of sellers.  Soon every Seller had 15 or 20 buyers trying to purchase their home, bidding wars started, and prices shot up.  The unfortunate part was that many of those buyers had no ability to make even their first mortgage payment.  Most quickly went into default and soon the market was flooded with foreclosures and short sales which devastated home prices.

Lets compare that with what is happening today: 

Today buyers have to go through strict qualifying guidelines and prove their income, assets, and job history.  Credit scores are highly scrutinized and people are held accountable for their past.  Down payments are required on all loans  except VA loans.  To summarize, and in contrast to the buyers of 2006, todays buyers can afford the homes they are purchasing.


So what is causing this huge run up in home prices now?  The answer is that there has been a lot people and a lot of money on the sidelines waiting (for years) for signs that the market had turned.  Those signs became very apparent late in 2012 and prices started creeping up.  Once the media got wind of this, the flood gates opened and buyers came out in droves.  Once again an imbalance between the number of Buyers and the number of Sellers has created a situation of hyper appreciation. 


So, are we experiencing another housing bubble?  Will this burst like the last one?  Most experts agree that this is not a bubble for a number of reasons that range from population growth to lack of construction workers to build new houses.  However, I believe that we wont see another crash simply because the Buyers in this market have to do something that the Buyers 2006 didn’t have to do – that is QUALIFY FOR A LOAN.  The point being that these buyers CAN afford their payment and mass foreclosures are not in our future.

STILL A LOOMING THREAT:  There is one looming threat to the housing market out there though and that is interest rates.  The Chairman of the Fed, Ben Bernanke, stopped an extremely “hot”  market dead in its tracks in early July 2013 when he “tested” the market by saying that the Fed will ease its support of Mortgage Backed Securities.  This comment caused interest rates to jump by nearly 1.5% almost overnight and largely shut down our booming real estate market.  It has since recovered and sales have started to happen again but the threat remains.  If you are thinking about sizing up or down with your home, or are a first time homebuyer, you may want to consider doing it soon, before another comment is made.  



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From Laura Han, says farewell to all my former neighbors at Hilltop Colony

by qinfokusuma 28. October 2013 09:21


My Condo (4750 Templeton #1312) Sold 100% Asking Price


I wrote this note because I’ve just gone through the sale of my home due to Hilltop Colony's high and never-ending increasing HOA fees and understand other homeowners here may be experiencing the same frustrations.  I am so grateful to have had Rudy L. Kusuma represent me in the sale of home. Rudy did an excellent job marketing my unit to create a strong demand and within a few weeks, we got several offers from buyers, with one that we moved forward to close escrow. I am thrilled to share that I just closed escrow today, 10/22/13!!! J  


Rudy is helping me achieve my financial goals and as I prepare for my next home purchase (4plex), I look forward to working with Rudy and his excellent team, once again to represent me on the buyer side. I highly recommend Rudy to represent any other interested homeowners at Hilltop Colony for a successful sale of your unit in case you are interested. 


Rudy Kusuma and his Team personally reviews every detail of every listing, writes the ads (with a system of tested and proven ads that over 18,000 agents pay to use), watches the market like a hawk, works every single day, personally supervises every transaction, and is on top of getting your property sold as quickly as possible at top dollar with no stress for you. They are it early in the morning, and is still at it late into the evening at least several times a week. And they are very demanding of the team to give each and every client a stress-free, wholly satisfactory experience. You just do not stay among the Top Real Estate Sales Teams in all of Los Angeles area by accident, or by disappointing clients! If you want a GUARANTEED excellent experience and desirable results, They give you 6 written guarantees—but on top of that, their track record is a guarantee in its own right.


We’ve heard enough of the “horror stories” from other people who had really awful experiences trying to get their homes sold before coming to Rudy Kusuma and his Team and getting the job done right (just like I did) … so I know you risk a lot of torture, delay, unhappiness, stress and possibly failure to get top dollar by hiring anyone else. I dare say that the key to not just a successful home sale, but also a happier home life while getting your home sold, is letting Rudy Kusuma and his Team handle everything for you!


Call them.  Here is Rudy’s direct number that I reached him at, 626-780-2221.


Thank you for being great neighbors.  You and the security guards, Spencer, Steve, & Mauricio will be missed!



Laura Han


P.S. I have given Rudy Kusuma my written permission to distribute this letter to some of our old neighbors, like you.



From Rudy Kusuma   10:38 am


Your Home  Sold GUARANTEED or I Will Buy it!

For a free report that details the inner workings of this exclusive offer, go to

To discuss the sale of your home, call Rudy 626-780-2221

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