People Want to Buy Your Home Today

by qinfokusuma 9. September 2013 07:55

If you’ve been thinking of selling your home, but don’t believe it is worth enough to cover what you owe, you might be pleasantly surprised. The reason? Prices have gone up significantly during the last year!


This simple fact has helped a market that only about one year ago was still bouncing off the bottom, begin the slow, but steady process of recovery. As a result, people are buying homes again.


I have a report that explains in detail why prices have gone up and why your home might be worth more than you think! The report is entitled “The Great Housing Rush,” and I believe you’ll be surprised by when you download and read the report. Once you are done, contact me today for a free market analysis.

Download your free report at:


Rudy L. Kusuma has the passion, knowledge, and experience helping homeowners to avoid foreclosure; He specializes in complex transactions representing owners in disposition of their assets. In today's real estate market, he has successfully negotiated more than $30 million of distressed sales with lenders nationwide, including Bank of America, Wachovia, Wells Fargo, Citi Mortgage, CHASE,Bank of The West, East West Bank, HSBC, and many more.

Rudy can be reached online at    or cell 626-780-2221

Free recorded message (talk to NO ONE) 1-888-300-4632, enter ID# 1002 

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