Foreclosure Starts Outnumbering Sales by 300%

by qinfokusuma 22. July 2012 05:31

In the most recent community outreach "Save Your Home" seminar, Rudy L. Kusuma discussed the latest LPS Mortgage Monitor numbers for May 2012, and while delinquencies have dropped sharply in the last few months, there are some key statistics in the report that we need to know.

The national foreclosure inventory is currently sitting near an all-time high. Nearly a third—that’s 33%—of all foreclosures right now are properties that are in “repeat” foreclosure. This means that the homeowner was in the foreclosure process, was able to get out of it by paying the lender, or modifying their loan, but have fallen delinquent yet again.

Another statistic shared in the seminar was that foreclosure starts in America currently outnumber foreclosure sales 3 to 1! This represents an extremely large inventory of distressed properties, and families that need help.

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