For Loan Modification Seekers, There are Often Better Options

by qinfokusuma 25. August 2012 11:50

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 San Gabriel Valley, August 25, 2012 – For homeowners facing foreclosure, there are a lot of powerful emotions at play. A loan modification, changing the original terms of the loan, can represent an attractive option because it allows the homeowner to stay in their home.


There are some truths about loan mods, however, that many homeowners don’t know. “According to studies down by the Department of Housing and Urban Development,” says Mr. Rudy L. Kusuma of RE/MAX Elite Realty, “over half of the people who get a loan modification end up redefaulting within 6 months.” This coupled with the increasing difficulty in obtaining a loan mod means that they are are often not the an ideal solution for everyone.


“In reality, a loan modification works for people in a very specific set of circumstances. They are people who are normally financially stable, but that have found themselves with a temporary problem that is threatening their home,” said Mr. Kusuma. Job loss or an unexpected illness are the most common temporary issues that arise. For homeowners who know that their situation will be fixed in the near future, a loan modification makes sense.


For most people in danger of losing their home, however, these circumstances don’t apply. Their financial issues are often larger and beyond the scope of what a bank will consider for a loan modification. For those homeowners, it is important that they are educated on their options.


As a Certified Distressed Property Expert, Rudy L. Kusuma has intimate knowledge about the many foreclosure alternatives that are available. A Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE) is knowledgeable of the entire landscape of foreclosure avoidance options and is distinctly qualified to negotiate with banks and help struggling homeowners regain peace of mind and a sense of stability for the future.


 Rudy L. Kusuma has developed a free report entitled, “Loan Modification Secrets,” which is accessible from his website


The report provides a thorough rundown of all of the ways that a short sale is more beneficial to homeowners than foreclosure.


About Rudy L. Kusuma 

Rudy is a licensed real estate broker in California CA DRE# 01820322. He specializes in representing property owners to avoid foreclosure. You can reach him by telephone 626-780-2221 or online at


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Loan Mods Take a Nosedive, Short Sales Skyrocket

by qinfokusuma 13. August 2012 11:07

When it comes to figuring out what the real estate market looks like, among the best resources to use are statistics from the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC).


The OCC recently released their mortgage metrics report for the first quarter of 2012, and the numbers tell a compelling story.


According to the report, loan modifications dropped 36.7% from last year and completed foreclosures rose from last year by 2.67%. Out of the gate, this might seem like bad news, but there’s more to the story. The truth is the rate at which completed foreclosures is rising has slowed down from last year, and newly initiated foreclosures have dropped 8.1%. And the best statistics we saw was that short sales rose 19.7%!


It’s no secret that 2012 hes been the year of the short sale so far. Every short sale represents someone getting out of a distressed property and getting new owners into a home. We love to see that this number has risen so much, and we look forward to seeing it continue.


If you would like more information on short sales, you can download our FREE Short Sale Video Series"Avoid Foreclosure, Save Your Credit, and Event Put Some Cash in Your Pocket!"



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Mortgage Modification Explained

by qinfokusuma 12. June 2012 11:31

This video describes what mortgage modification is, and how it can be a great option to avoid foreclosure as long as you can truly afford a "modified" or reduced payment. Rudy L. Kusuma hold the Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE) designation are trained to help homeowners navigate alternatives to foreclosure, and can provide answers to the many questions surrounding America's foreclosure crisis. Call Rudy 626-780-2221  - to learn more, go to

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