A New Economic Stimulus Program: The "Short Sale Secrets" Video Series

by qinfokusuma 9. September 2012 11:20

Short sale your upside down home by December 30, 2012 to avoid owing taxes on the deficiency amount! You may qualify for thousands of dollars in relocation assistance that I can help you obtain.


Have you fallen behind on your mortgage payments?  Are you facing foreclosure?  Worried about your credit history?  Do you need to sell your home fast?  Are you embarrassed by the whole situation or even afraid to open your mail?


Well stop worrying...


As part of a new economic stimulus program, the acclaimed "Short Sale Secrets" Video Series is now being made available absolutely free.


In these easy-to-understand and straight-forward videos, you'll learn:

  • How to get out from under your house payments.
  • Why time is of the essence when you get behind on your payments.  (The clock may already be ticking and you might not even know it.)
  • How to stop the foreclosure process.
  • What a short sale is and how it is different than a traditional closing or foreclosure sale.
  • How a short sale can help you save your credit, avoid foreclosure and get you back on top of your finances.
  • How to successfully negotiate a short sale and avoid the most common pitfalls.
  • How to sell your home fast and get the cash you need.
  • How to choose the right professional with the right tools to guarantee a smooth and successful transaction.

Don't delay.  These videos are currently only being made available for a limited time as part of a pilot program and access could be discontinued at any time.


To get immediate access, go to my new website www.FreeShortSaleService.com



Information provided by:

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