Will Roberts Talked about Top Real Estate Broker in San Gabriel Valley over 39 Radio Stations

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Keynote Speaker, Former Cirque du Soleil featured act on Las Vegas strip, Syndicated radio host Will Roberts talked about Top Real estate broker Rudy L. Kusuma on his show aired on 39 Radio Stations - December 8, 2014

6 main reasons why hire Rudy L. Kusuma as your real estate agent to sell your house;

Reason #1. Rudy Has Buyers...
Rudy has 347 buyers in his database looking for home in San Gabriel Valley Area ... chk out www.RudyHasTheBuyers.com

Reason #2. Rudy Get the Seller MORE Money...
Rudy get you more money. According to the real estate board statistics, Rudy sell his clients homes on average for 99.1% of the asking rice. Those same statistics show that the average San Gabriel Valley agent gets 97%. So, Rudy get you 2.1% over the average San Gabriel Valley agent.

Reason #3. Rudy Sell his clients homes faster...
Rudy sell his clients' homes on average within 37 days. This compared to the average agents in San Gabriel Valley are at 76 days. Rudy sell homes twice as fast as the average agents in the area.

Reason #4. Your Home is More Likely To Sell...
According to the local real estate board statistics, Rudy sell 87.6% of all the homes he list before the end of the listing term. This is compared to the average San Gabriel Valley area agent at only 43%. Bottom line... your home is more than twice as likely to sell.

Reason #5. Other people say it is so...
Rudy has the most clients endorsements in San Gabriel Valley as published online at www.zillow.com/profile/rudylk/Reviews/

Rudy also recognized by the local media, Los Angeles Magazine, and his TV interview will be aired in February 2015 on GOODDAY LA Fox News.

Reason #6: Rudy takes all the risk...
Rudy will sell your house at a price agreeable to you, or he will buy it himself. --- program outlined at www.MyGuaranteedProgram.com

To discuss the sale of your house, call Rudy now 626-780-2221 and start packing!




Featured on The Ed Tyll Show on KABC Los Angeles, CNN, FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, TV 56 Merrillville, News Max, China Central News, Star Com Radio Network

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rudy lira kusuma real estate broker in san gabriel valley



Rudy has over 4500 buyers looking to buy homes in Alhambra, San Gabriel, Temple City, Pasadena, San Gabriel Valley area. If you're thinking of selling your house, Rudy offer free Match & Search Analysis online at http://RudyHasTheBuyers.com

In addition to leading an award-winning real estate team in San Gabriel Valley, Rudy hosts local weekly real estate investors club in Alhambra. So far, his investors club has attracted Alhambra home owners, San Gabriel valley real estate investors, Arcadia home buyers and sellers, Hacienda Heights realtors, Rowland heights real estate buyers, developers, and builders. This real estate investors club is open to the public and so far we have over 1200 members local real estate buyers, home owners, and investors.

Rudy is an active member of the West San Gabriel Valley Association of Realtors, The California Association of Realtors, and the National Association of Realtors. Most recently, he has been recognized as the Top 1% Real Estate Agents in Alhambra and San Gabriel Valley market area by the Los Angeles Magazine (April 2014).

You can read Rudy's real estate column published weekly by local media, including: Arcadia Weekly, San Gabriel Valley News, Temple City Life Newspapers, Temple City Tribune, Monrovia Weekly papers, El Monte Examiner weekly newspapers, San Gabriel Real Estate Columns, Duarte Dispatch, Rosemead weekly real estate readers, Around Alhambra (a publication of the Alhambra Chamber of Commerce), and many other local west san gabriel valley real estate columns.

Rudy lives in Temple City; He is an active member of the Alhambra Chamber of Commerce, San Gabriel Chamber of Commerce, and the Team NuVision Real Estate Investors Club in Alhambra. To learn more about Rudy and his team, go to http://www.TeamNuVision.net




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