Ambitious Real Estate Agent Wanted Now!

by qinfokusuma 17. May 2013 11:05

Could you be the great Agent I’m seeking to work full-time and handle the overflow buyers from my growing Real Estate Business?


Award Winning Real Estate Sales Team with an Over Flow of High Quality Buyers needs ambitious, energetic, friendly Out Side Sales Agent.


It’s 10:07 am on a Friday and I’m staring at over 37 awesome Buyer Prospects with their hand raised asking for a call back about a house. Problem is, I’m too busy to follow up with them.


I lead a rapidly growing Real Estate Sales Team located in San Gabriel Valley, where we have been growing since 2007.  Over that time My team and I have helped over hundreds of families buy or sell real estate.


I’m facing a real problem right now because I’ve just got too many leads to follow up with.  You see, my custom lead generation system automatically finds, attracts and sorts buyers into those that are ready to buy now and those within a longer time frame.  It works so well that we literally have an over flow of buyers wanting to go buy a home.


 Can you help sell these buyers a house?


Are you somebody who’s superb at communicating with buyers… a loyal, hardworking front of the scenes type person who always follows through and almost never has a disappointed client… so productive you could make a great living selling real estate if you only had the steady stream of clients like I have… comfortable in a small business environment where priorities can change quickly… a super-organized get-it-done type Agent who’s also very good on the phone and in person with Buyers?


If so, we should talk because you just might be the great agent I’m looking for to handle this overflow of awesome clients, helping them buy their next house. The pay plan is fair and you can work from your home office. I don’t care if you haven’t sold very many houses, just as long as you possess the skills to serve our clients well.


Think you might be the Agent I’m looking for? for details this exclusive opportunity, go to my site 


Or… to discuss this opportunity directly with me call 626-780-2221. (Your call will be held in strict confidence).


Hopefully with your help we’ll be able to get to all these buyers!






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