Solo 401k: The Ultimate Retirement Plan for Real Estate Investors

by qinfokusuma 3. February 2013 14:53

Solo 401k:  The Ultimate Retirement Plan for Real Estate Investors


The Solo 401k retirement plan offers many advantages, especially for real estate investors.  Advantages such as high Solo 401k contribution limits give investors more opportunities to increase their income. 


Consider a few advantages of the Solo 401k:


High Solo 401k contribution limits


After working so hard, real estate investors hate to see their hard-earned gains frittered away in taxes and penalties. 


High Solo 401k contribution limits allow more income to be sheltered from taxes.  The Solo 401k allows contributions to be made in two capacities- as employee and as employer, in effect doubling the ability to shelter income. 


Unlimited investment opportunities


With a typical retirement fund, investment options are limited and confined to the stock market. 


The Solo 401k is different.  It allows investments to be made in virtually any investment class, such as residential and commercial properties, foreclosures, tax deeds, tax liens, and raw land.  Real estate investors can access their funds to invest in almost any real estate opportunity. 


Checkbook control


With many real estate investment opportunities, time is of the essence.  With the Solo 401k Plan, the owner is the trustee and can direct how the funds will be used and invested, without custodian consent.  Decisions can be made immediately, without additional delays and fees.  Making an investment can be as simple as writing a check. 


Loan feature


The Solo 401k also offers a loan feature.  A loan can be taken from the fund for any reason, tax and penalty free.  The owner can borrow up to $50,000 or 50% of the total value of the Solo 401k, whichever is less. 


Choosing a retirement plan requires the same care and research used in making real estate investments.  For the real estate investor, many benefits such as high Solo 401k Contribution Limits and Checkbook Control make the Solo 401k Plan the ultimate choice.


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